Wadda Ya Know About Music?

For our entire lives we have been listening to some terrific (and not so great) music by men & women whom we have grown somewhat familiar with over the years.

But how much do we REALLY know about them? Their backgrounds? Their influences? Where they come from? Where did they go? Or. how come they have been around forever?
I thought it would be fun and interesting to share what we know bout these guys, good and bad, embarrassing and impressive, wacky and straight, and lots of juicy tidbits about the events in their lives that are not too well known.  This is by no means meant to diminish their stature, but to amuse and humanize these folks.

Biographies Posted Daily

 Each day I will publish a brief biography of a performer. Frequently on their birthdays, but not necessarily always. If they pop up in the news on that day or, God forbid, pass away, expect to read something about them that didn’t appear in the regular media obits.

Photos & Video Clips

These days there are a million different sources for photographs and video clips of our favorite and/or despised players and singers.
Please send on so we might all enjoy these images!
Also, if you find audio and/or performance clips that you find to be particularly compelling, shoot ’em this way.

Your Participation is Crucial

This not meant to be an endless screed by some blowhard (namely me.) It exists so we might learn, embellish, disagree, argue, and hopefully make up.
We all love music and it is my hope that reading this will be a brief respite from the travails and worries of each of our lives.

Who Do We Care About?

Since there is so much content out there, I decided to limit our subjects to performers from 1950 through 2000.
The genres I will be focusing on will be R&B, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz & Folk. (Kind of a big “focus”, eh?)
The individuals we talk about in many cases are still active today and they are certainly fair game for our tales. It’s just don’t want to get into the Lady Gagas & Adeles & Kanya Wests of the world. We are inundated with info about every aspect of theirs lives, already. Let’s leave them be.