Steven Tyler, born as Steven Victor Tallarico is the lead singer of the popular rock band Aerosmith which he had helped to form over four decades ago. Blessed with a wide vocal range, he is known for his high-pitched screams which earned him the nickname ‘Demon of Screamin’. The talented musician also plays multiple instruments like harmonica, piano,  trumpet, trombone, tuba and percussion. Highly energetic, he could often be seen performing acrobatics during his on-stage performances usually dressed in bold and bright coloured costumes. He was born into a family of music lovers—his father was a classical musician and music teacher—and music was an inherent part of his life from the very beginning. He loved playing music from an early age and there was no doubt in his mind about his future career choice. He joined the Roosevelt High Marching Band playing trumpet and tuba. He claims he still has “his lips.” Judging by his appearance, I must agree with him. He met the aspiring musicians Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton with whom he formed the rock band Aerosmith. After a series of minor hits during their initial years, the band broke into mainstream success during the mid 1970s. However the band’s success was eclipsed by the members’ drug problems. The band became notorious for its drug addiction, with Tyler’s drug abuse becoming the most problematic. After undergoing rehabilitation, the band mates made a comeback and rose to prominence once again. The band is planning on touring this summer, including concerts in South Africa. Meanwhile, Steve is developing a career in country music. (seriously!)

This musician is obviously not Steve Tyler, and he is playing the world’s largest tuba. I just liked the photo.


Balancing act: Musical instrument craftsman Hartmut Geilert demonstrates how to play the world's largest functional tuba at the Musikinstrumenten-Museum in Germany



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