According to Pete Townshend in 1968:

When did you start smashing guitars?

“It happened by complete accident the first time. We were just kicking around in a club which we played every Tuesday and I was playing the guitar and it hit the ceiling. It broke and it kind of shocked me ’cause I wasn’t ready for it to go. I didn’t particularly want it to go but it went.

And I was expecting an incredible thing, it being so precious to me, and I was expecting everybody to go, “Wow he’s broken his guitar,” but nobody did anything which made me kind of angry in a way, and determined to get this precious event noticed by the audience. I proceeded to make a big thing of breaking the guitar. I pounced all over the stage with it and I threw the bits on the stage and I picked up my spare guitar and carried on as though I really meant to do it.”

Were you happy about it?

Deep inside I was very unhappy because the thing had got broken. It got around and the
17 November 1967, Shawnee Mission South High School Gymnasium, Overland Park, Kansas, USA                                          Image result for images of jimi hendrix burning his guitar

Soon after, Keith Moon joined in by kicking his drum kit off its riser.

A few years later, Jimi Hendrix did Pete one better,, by dousing his guitar with lighter fluid, dropping a match, and THEN bashing it to smithereens.

In case you are interested here is a list of some of the guitars he destroyed and where:


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